Kennel I Corsi di Savoia

This page is a summary of what you can find all over the website. To see the pictures of our puppies, please click on CUCCIOLI (puppies) or NUOVA CUCCIOLATA (new litter). To see our dogs, please refer to I NOSTRI CANI.


Many of our puppies live happily abroad (in Europe, Asia, North and South America) but as a general rule we do not ship them as cargo and we NEVER sell puppies without previously meeting their future owners. We understand that this is not the best commercial choice to make, but our dogs’ well-being (as far as we can manage it) comes way before making a profit out of them.


So, if you are interested in one of our puppies and you are abroad but willing to travel to Italy for your Cane Corso, you are very welcome! We invite you to contact us either by this contact form or by writing an email to we will be glad to answer all your questions and make an appointment to show you our kennel. We can also get in touch with you on the phone: please just let us have your number so that we can contact you through a friend who usually helps us with the communication in English.

We look forward to your visit!



mobile 346 820 0804


address Strada Reale Traversa 1, 3


country ITALY

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